CCD Calc Download Page

Current version: 1.4.20 (All versions since 1/4/2004 use a new data file format!!!)

As of December 12, 2005, no password is needed
to install the CCD Calculator program.

Click here to download the full version of the CCD Calculator program (3.3MB).

CCDCalc is now a free program for anyone; you do not need to buy the book.

In all version since Version 1.2, you can create your own telescope and camera entries.

More reference images for CCDCalc!

Neil Fleming has put together a set of supplementary images for this program. He now has ALL Messier objects, as well as select IC, NGC, UGC, and other objects represented -- more than 230 so far.

Contributors to this project include Rob Gendler, Jim Misti, Russell Croman, Don Goldman, Don Waid, SSRO, Jim Burnell, Dean Salman, Steve Crouch, Greg Parker/Noel Carboni, and Richard McCoy.

In all cases, Neil used a NASA/DSS image to provide the scaling and image registration profile information, even if that image was not part of the final result. In many cases, portions of the NASA image remain. All other images are copyright of the original imager, as posted on the images themselves. Any image without a specific imager name is part of Ron's original distribution.

Instructions on the retrieval of these images is available here:

Installation instructions:

  1. Neil has organized the objects by designation, and included a "common object name" as well as the initials of the contributor within the file name.
  2. There is a bit of overlap and re-use of images from Ron's original distribution, so you might want to go to the program directory, e.g., "C:\Program Files\CCDCalc", and archive/move all of the original jpgs somewhere else.
  3. UNZIP this distribution, and copy the images to the program directory, e.g., "C:\Program Files\CCDCalc".

If anyone else would like to contribute images to this ongoing initiative, just e-mail Neil the link to your site or images, along with permission to distribute the 360x360 pixel, one degree square, versions of your images. In all cases, Neil will include the copyright with your name included.